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Frequently Asked Questions / Terms and Conditions / Legal Statement  / Affiliate Agreement now offers two ways you can be listed at our site. is brought to you by Elite Concepts. is known for it's quality results rather than quantity. Our search engine is both a directory and a cost effective way to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. 


Free Basic Listing

With a free basic listing you will be listed in our directory based upon the category you select. Note: All free listings are manually review by our editors to ensure the highest quality of content.


Premium Listing

If you are serious about wanting to drive highly targeted traffic to your website than our cost-per-click listings will ensure you that our users see your listings. We offer three different listing types for you to choose from. Or you can use all three !

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Premium featured listings

Limited time offer:
100% match on deposits of $25.00 of more! provides the following:

  • Performance Based Advertising.

  • Direct Targeting To Specific Audiences.

  • Complete Control Over What You Pay and For What.

  • 24/7 Account Management Access.

  • Online Advertising Within 24 Hours.

  • Approved Relevancy To Ensure Visitors Get The Results They Need.

You can open an account for only $25.00 and bid on relevant search terms to place your site within our special ad placement sections. You decide on the search terms that are relevant to the content of your website(s). Only pay for results; your will only be charged when someone actually clicks on your ad.

Pay Per Click Search Listings

Drive targeted customers to your site with our Pay-Per-Click search text listings program. You, the advertiser, bid for placement among our search result listings and pay only for each unique person that clicks through to your site from You bid on search terms relevant to your site to determine where your site will be listed among our search results. The higher the bid, the more prominently positioned the site will be among our listings. By allowing you to choose the keywords relevant to your site, this program is an effective way to reach potential users and customers while maximizing your advertising budget.

Targeted Banner Traffic

Why spend thousands on wasted banner impressions that do not guarantee click-throughs? With the  Cost-Per-Click Banner Advertising Program, advertisers only pay for results. You can also drive targeted traffic to your site using our Banner Program. You select the keywords that you think your customers would use to find your site, and then each time someone performs a search on for the keywords you have selected, your banner will appear. Using this program drives highly targeted traffic to your site.

AdBox Sponsorships

These adboxes as similar to the ones that appear on Google.You bid on search terms relevant to your site. When a user searches for this term your ad will be highlighted in a special adbox along with the results. 

Your site can start getting targeted traffic in less than 24 hours! 

Please Note: All listings are reviewed by our staff. Please do not bid on terms that are not relevant to your site. We want to not only be a great place to advertise, we want to also be a great place to find relevant and quality search results.

By submitting this form using the "Add Your Site" button below you agree that you are authorized and agree (1) to legally bind the company, entity or individual listed above to the owned and operated by Elite Concepts.Terms and Conditions Agreement which govern the opening and maintenance of a account and that you have read same and (2) to create a listing(s) on the site to a website owned by the company, entity or individual you are representing.

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Limited time offer:
100% match on deposits of $25.00 of more!
Deposit $25.00 Get $50.00